so how did ya get out of the prison that ya got into when ya accidentally hit that lady with a car cause ya were tripping cause someone drugged yer maple syrup on a party and now and ya thought it was a duck and ya like ramming ducks with yer car while high and drunk on jack daniels "special edition: now with meth!" after which the police came and seen that ya were still high so they slapped yer face and cut yer hair cause the psychopatic doctor told them to but the doctor was actually 3 ducks in a raincoat and he was getting revenge for ya ramming ducks and he came to laugh and dance on yer rammed body and threw ya in prison cause he dated ya and then ya met up with a guy that was actually a swarm of cockroaches in a trenchcoat that helped ya escape by lubricating ya with maple syrup and slipping through the entrance while the guards couldn't catch ya cause ya were just too slippery